Why You Need Custom Orthotics?

Firm enough to provide control | Flexible enough to provide comfort | Fit enough to enhance performance

Orthotics are custom-made insoles for people who require better foot function in everyday activities from work to play. They fit into your shoes as an insole with an added advantage of being made from precise imprints of your feet.The use of custom orthotics is a preventive step to take in order to ensure good foot health, as well as for the treatment of many common foot problems that athletes & sports players face. From the many benefits of Custom Orthotics, some include suppressing foot conditions like

• Plantar Fasciitis           • Stress Fractures         • Ankle Sprains         • Overpronation and Supination


We use only three dimensional sources of the athlete’s feet to manufacture the orthotics as it’s the most advanced and accurate method of doing so. Footletic products are handcrafted for people who require better foot function in athletic activities.

Footletic helps bring personalized care to people who love sports by improving their function and preventing injuries. Our team will go the extra mile to offer your foot the best care it needs with added advantage of aligning your gait  and minimizing pain.

We are a quality manufacturer that ensures a superior product and outstanding turn around times. Our goal is to help you ‘Do It All’ preventing foot ailments which otherwise obstructs your capabilities. So, focus only on your game because we are here to look after the pain!

All Rounder

  • Ideal for general purpose athletic activity.
  • Added poron padding offering high rebound.
  • Anti fungus, marine grade top cover. Full length cut replaces shoe liner.


  • High wear, neoprene top cover.
  • This material does not break down very fast.
  • Long lasting, excellent cushioning. Ideal for all athletic activity.
  • Full length cut replaces shoe liner.


  • High wear, neoprene top cover.
  • This material does not break down very fast.
  • Long lasting, excellent cushioning. Ideal for all athletic activity.
  • Sulcus length cut does not increase volume in the toe area & can easily be changed from shoe to shoe.


  • This is a custom flexible shell made from engineered carbon.
  • No top cover or padding so it fits in tight cleats & low profile shoes.
  • It snugs up your shoe so your foot & shoe become one system.
  • Allows peak performance during rapid movement & changing direction while running.

Our Process


Provides a precise measurement of pressure points and medical conditions related to the foot, gait analysis and weight bearing capability which helps manufacture the best fit custom orthotics for athletes.


You receive an instant report with the numerical information about the distribution of  loads, surfaces, forefoot and hindfoot, barycenter and pressure points.


Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist  provides an evaluation of your Gait Foot Scan report and recommends the orthotics for fit and comfort.


Using the latest in 3D scanning technology, we have developed a software which allows us to capture the most accurate 3D model of your feet. Our technicians then input those digital scans into our CAD/CAM software and our team creates your custom orthotics in-house.


Based on the 3D scans and the report, our professionals custom fabricate orthotics to the highest standards for that very unique “custom” solution which will better the athletic performance and prevent injuries.


Your custom orthotics are delivered to you within 2 weeks at the Footletic foot care clinic personally to assess proper fit, ensure maximum comfort and complete any necessary corrections.

What’s Your Sport ?

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Buy 1 Give 1 – Our Giving Story

Footletic is part of the UnCanvas Initiative. We believe every small act makes big difference. While you walk run pain-free and comfortably when you BUY a pair of Footletic Custom Orthotics, we GIVE an underprivileged child one of the basic supplies needed to go to school – a pair of shoes. The gift of footwear will help to protect their tiny feet as they travel to school, reducing the risk of cuts and preventing infections from occurring. In addition, this will also encourage these children to attend school more regularly, allowing them to fulfill their academic potential and gain employment opportunities in the future.

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