Tennis provides a total body workout, and regular play is a relatively safe and enjoyable way to stay fit. It doesn’t take a great athlete to have fun playing tennis, but care must always be taken to avoid injuries to muscles.

Tennis Injuries range from simple to serious. Foot and ankle muscles are put under considerable stress by the continuous side-to-side motion and quick stopping and starting the sport requires. Injuries common to tennis and other racquet sports include ankle sprains, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and tennis toe among others.

Everything the body does is transmitted to the ground through the foot. Also, each game and each training session causes players feet to sustain countless shocks. Footletic Custom Orthotics

helps with shock absorption, response, function on impact, agility, ground reaction force to the body and reduces stress placed on the feet which provides greater biomechanical control.

They are designed to be highly resistant to abrasion, particularly from torsional pressure and to provide forefoot stability during the change-of-direction and propulsion phases.