Foot Injuries are afoot for a sports player. Pardon the pun, but it’s true. The demands placed on the feet are heavy and are intensified for those who play sports on a regular basis. A healthy pair of feet are your only way to continue playing well but unfortunately are also the ones taken for granted easily.

To ward off foot ailments, precautions need to be taken and they need to be taken now. Here are some which should stand you in good stead –

1) Make sure your shoe fits perfectly. Too small or too big might lead into an injury too! There should be one thumb’s breadth between the end of your toe and the end of your shoe, not more, not less.

2)Tie your laces properly. It might be trendy to keep them undone, but this means that the foot is prone to injury as it is not supported well. And injury – not so trendy!

3) Keep your toenails trimmed. Cut them straight and not curved, this will reduce the risk of ingrowing toenails which otherwise will hurt bad.

4) Take enough time to warm up before playing the sport or even exercising. Don’t haste because if you do your feet will get tired and be predisposed to injury.

5) In addition yo these, adding orthotic inserts will help stabilize the feet to provide a better point of contact with the ground and distribute the body weight more evenly.

These foot notes are applicable to all sports, indoor and outdoors. They will help you hit the field with healthier feet so your focus can completely be on the sport and not the pain. Noted?