Ask any sports person, they have been involved in their sport longer than they can remember, they have busted their butt to become as good in their sport as possible, they live to practice and perform well, they literally flat out love their sport, it’s who they are.

Then this absurd thing happens! Injured! The most hated word for a sportsman.

‘Why me? Why now?’

One of the biggest concerns of playing any sport is getting injured, no sport is an exception to this.

Here are some sports and the foot injuries that may be faced playing them –

1) Football – Football requires tremendous balance because a lot of game is played standing on one foot while trying to control the ball with the other. Injuries like collapsed arches, inverted heel bone affect knees, hips and back as well. Orthotic Insoles give the much needed balance to the foot, supporting the arches and controlling the heel bone during the ranges of foot motion during this sport.

2) Tennis – The foot and ankle are put under considerable stress by the continuous sideway motion and quick stopping and starting the sport demands. Other than this, different court surfaces also stress the foot in different ways. These injuries include stress fractures, ankle sprains, tennis toe (repeated pressure on the toe). Wearing custom made orthotics will relieve the stress and prevent such injuries.

3) Cricket – It involves almost everything – standing, running, sprinting which also means that multi-directional forces are exerted on the feet, reason being the increasing amount of impact generated when the feet strike the ground. The matches last for long hours which puts a massive amount of stress on the feet, calves and knees. Custom moulded orthotics should be worn to absorb the shock, stabilise the foot and prevent injuries.

Don’t wait for the injuries to get worse. Actually, don’t wait for them to happen in the first place. Now is the time, switch to orthotics to prevent chronic problems.