Cricketers spend a lot of time on strength training and conditioning. These activities place tremendous strain on the feet and can cause aches and pains or even injury.

When it comes to bowlers, they are prone to getting excessively tired feet as their feet go through maximum wear and tear as they charge ahead towards the crease with high momentum, land on one foot with a high amount of stress and then come to a sudden halt. Sometimes, they even experience pain in the lower back which is an indication of improper gait.

A healthy pair of feet are your only way to continue playing well but unfortunately are also the ones taken for granted easily. The feet needs to be protected with the right amount of cushioning and shock absorption.

Footletic Custom Orthotics evenly distribute pressure on the feet, provide strength and support to your ankle and comfort to your heels. They better the foot mechanisms, help align the gait and leverage maximum efficiency for the effort put in the game.