Your fitness bucket list, your diet plan, your warm ups, your workout schedule and your undying will to get in shape! –  You surely don’t want to mess them up because of an injury.

The most common reason behind gym injuries is trying to do too much too fast in too little time! Well, you should keep in mind that what got you into the gym in the first place didn’t happen in a flash, so you can’t undo it by working out overnight.

Here are some preventions for the gym injuries (affecting your feet) you don’t want to go through –

1) Lumbar Strain – You pulled too hard this time on that last deadlift, didn’t you? So, yes, you are not going to be working out for a while now. The biggest culprits include not paying enough attention to your warm-up, your posture, the balance on your feet and stretching. Orthotics are suggested to help balance the weight on your feet, which to an extent relieves the pressure put on your spine while lifting weights.

2) Foot Stress Fractures  – Most foot stress fractures occur as a result of overuse and are quite common in people who workout regularly. The foot bears the entire body weight which, if not taken proper care of, can result into injuries. Some footwear modifications need to be made in order to avoid these. Use of orthotic insoles are recommended for the same as they provide the right support to the foot. Also, custom orthotics can alter how forces are transmitted up your leg, lowering the stress on the bones of the foot.

3) Sesamoiditis –  It’s a common ailment that affects the forefoot. Sesamoiditis causes pain in the ball of the foot. The foot pain may be constant, or it may occur with or be aggravated by, movement of the toe joint.  In order to prevent this, some impact of the foot needs to be dispersed while striking the ground. Lucky for you, orthotic inserts do just that. It absorbs impact forces put on the forefront equally circulating them through other structures of the foot.

Let’s not leave out the obvious injury – Bruised Ego! Don’t be one of those who go to gym to put on a show instead of getting into shape. Working out is not a competition, it’s more of a lifestyle. Bruised egos are far better than serious injuries, you’ll see!

Allowing your feet to catch up with the rest of you will majorly help prevent injuries which otherwise might put a pause to your workout!