Making no bones about it, start running and it’s likely that an injury will follow. Since, runners are stubborn, and sometimes even a little obsessed, more often than not, they don’t do what they should to avoid injuries. Running shoes have a life span, overstep and it might lead to injuries.

Here are some most common ailments that beset those who hit the pavement, along with ways to relieve the pain.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis – This is caused by inflammation, irritation or tearing of the plantar fascia which is nothing but a fancy word for the tissue on the bottom of your foot. Excess sprinting on the field or strapping on unsupportive footwear can be the culprits here. To soothe your foot, custom orthotics are recommended as they support those tight muscles and problematic arches, eventually relieving the pain.
  1. Runner’s knee – Yes, this injury is so common among runners that it was named after them. Experiencing a tender pain around or behind the kneecap is usually a sure sign for runner’s knee. The repetitive hitting on the ground, downhill running, weak hips, muscle imbalance puts further strain on the kneecap. Experts suggest tapping your knee using a knee brace, wearing the right insoles and cutting back on mileage will ease the pain.
  1. Achilles Tendinitis – Swelling of achilles, the tissue that connects your heel to your lower leg muscles, can be a result of many factors like instant mileage increase, tight calf muscles, having a naturally flat foot or improper footwear. In order to sidestep this pain, make sure that you stretch before and post workout and wear supportive shoes. Also, custom orthotics relieve the stress on tendons diminishing the pain.
  1. Ankle sprain – It occurs when the ankle rolls in or outward stretching the ligament causing some serious pain. Unfortunate landing is the one to blame here. Recovery might be a little shaky at the start but balance exercises are suggested to strengthen the ankle muscles. Ankle brace or air cast prevent re-twisting of the ankle.
  1. Shin Splints – Number of runners who have never experienced that stabbing pain in their shins will be close to none. It’s one of the most nagging injuries which occur when the muscles and tendons covering the shinbone swell. Icing the shin for 15-20 mins and keeping them elevated at night reduces the inflammation. Shock absorbing custom orthotics that support the arch have been found to be effective too.

Still hell-bent on extending the run? Most runners are. Just pencil in some rest days and consider custom orthotics for your shoes to minimise the pain and prevent injury.